• What are the differences between being nude and naked?

Nude: freedom, self-confidence/ Naked: vulnerable, uncomfortable (based on Kenneth Clark)

Explore how accepting or not accepting your identity inspires/influences movement. Work with hiding your head. Changing your everyday human shape. How do you feel?

  • How can you wear something and still be naked?( naked,nude, covered)

Explore the body with plastic foil

Place clothes on your body without actually wearing them; move in space.

  • How the concepts and practices of the gymnosophists relate to my work and self?

Gymnosophy practices: Nudism, Meditation, Exercise (stay still in various poses for long time as well)

Use/explore the practices of gymnosophy in the beginning of each day schedule for 1,5 hours as a preparation/warm up.

  • How does being naked in an outside space feels like?

Explore naked the outside area of the Lefkosia DH. Go to Pediaios River. Have an adventure!

Use your outside experience/thoughts into the work studio.