• Develop the research from the previous residency in Lefkosia Dance House and clarify the nude and naked concepts

Continue working on the nude and naked theme. Explore the images the body can produce while being nude/naked finding suitable quality.

Explore the relationship to clothes. When is the body nude, naked, covered?

Embrace the fact that I am more nude than naked!

  • Use writing as a tool during the creative process and research (collaboration with Christos Polymenakos)

Explore writing as a method for documentation, clarification and awareness, description and presentation.

Find the right words and phrases for translating something non verbal like movement into a verbal language.

Experience words as a different way to communicate movement. Allow the words to communicate the quality, the sensation and the form of the movement as well.

  • Invite the community to experience my research and have discussions concerning the work .

Create a workshop/body practice (Nude the Body) based on my research on the nude body and the practices of gymnosophy.  Allow people with different backgrounds, references and experiences to explore their nude body and experience a personal nude stroll in the here and now.

As a part of the residency program we invited people in a private performance of Nude the Tree applying the DasArts feedback session, coordinated by Christos Polymenakos with the assistance of Maria Charalambous. After the performance the guests were asked to describe, ask questions and talk about the performance, their experience and thoughts.

The DasArts feedback session allowed for the appearance of new aspects of the nude and naked body as well as a better awareness of the work.