Dear everyone,

I invite you to come to Turun Uimahalliin on Sunday 9th at 11:00 to have a naked experience with me. The pool and the rest of the swimming hall’s areas will be available for everyone to swim, chat, listen, and explore their naked body. I will be there performing throughout the space. In the showers, in the pool, on the stairs at the entrance. Join me in any way you like.

Bring your own towel and anything you need. No swimming suits are allowed.

See you very soon


PS. On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th from 14:00 to 16:00 I will be at Kirjakahvila Book cafe to talk about and share thoughts on nakedness and related themes. Come to have a tea with me.





During the performance the audience/participants could engage with the concept of nakedness in various ways: listen to people’s thoughts about nakedness, talk with the others about nakedness, swim naked, go to the sauna naked and explore their naked boundaries.