I am interested

in being naked

in being naked with other people

in creating states and conditions that I am missing from the current present time

in creating performances, I want to be a part of: both doing or watching

in finding non-erotic, naked qualities

in playfulness, intimacy, gentleness and sensitivity

in creating space and time where people can actively explore, enjoy and appreciate their naked body

in being naked in places I shouldn’t

in togetherness

in challenging people’s limits of nakedness

in challenging my limits of nakedness

in questioning the existing laws of nakedness

in testing the Cypriot thoughts of the naked body

in bluring up everydayness and performance

in putting nakedness in public spaces

in trying out, reflecting, exploring, observing, thinking and sensing

in presenting/making nakedness as a condition that unites people; an element for everyone not only a  particular group

in having transparency and excitement

in finding new methods that fit each current project

in talking, sharing, discussing, re-evaluating and re-approaching

in seeing the audience as a co-artist and a user that interacts with the existing structures

in creating performance structures and fluxus scores that are flexible, transformative, accessible and alive

in making nakedness a neutral state that can travel between erotic and non erotic qualities, emotions and physicalities

in undressing the naked body from any unnecessary connotations

in smiling and having fun

in being naked